Your fish restaurant in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz on the island of Rügen

You will find the best cuisine from Western Pomerania at our “plattdüütsch” restaurant.

Our kitchen and service team looks forward to offering you tasty specialities from the island of Rügen and from Western Pomerania.

As a guest of the house you start each new day of your holiday with the breakfast buffet in the restaurant at the Baltic Sea. All other guests who do not live in the house can also enjoy our lavish breakfast.

Restaurant Rügen – plattdüütsch im Centralhotel in Binz an der Hauptstraße und nahe der Seebrücke

Fresh fish, best beef and pork are prepared here in the kitchen for home cooking, Pomeranian style. Seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as sweet desserts, coffee specialities and homemade cakes can be found on the menu.


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Fish specialities in Binz on Rügen


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