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Baltic Sea resort Binz on Rügen

Visit Germany's largest island

Vacation in Binz on Rügen

Binz is the best known and largest Baltic Sea resort on the island of Rügen.

Idyllically situated between the lake of Schmachter See, the beech woods of Granitz and the bay of Prorer Wiek, the seaside resort of Binz attracts visitors with an incomparable mixture of tradition and modernity, relaxing bathing holidays and active leisure activities as well as culinary delights and numerous shopping opportunities.

Holidays at the Centralhotel Binz

Join us on a magical journey to one of the most beautiful Baltic Sea resorts in Germany. The Centralhotel Binz, with its 52 rooms and suites, is the appropriate backdrop for this experience. Enjoy the traditional hospitality of our establishment alongside many of our long-time regular guests. Please don’t hesitate to book your vacation in Binz on Rügen right now.

Luftaufnahme vom Centralhotel Binz mit Restaurant auf der Insel Rügen
Empfangsbereich der Rezeption im Centralhotel Binz auf Rügen


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Holidays in Binz directly at the Baltic seaside

Binz has that certain something. Reason enough for bathers to annually seek out the largest Baltic Sea resort of the island of Rügen. Between the sublime beech trees of Granilies, Prorer Wiek and Schmachter See lake lies Binz in a beautiful spot between the sea, lake, woods and sun.

The old fishing and agricultural community with its unique location has become established as a popular health resort that has an ample range of attractions. The long beach promenade, the prestigious spa building, the lake bridge tempting guests to stroll a while and the rapid connection to the light railway – the Rushing Roland – drew summer holidaymakers like a magnet holidaymakers at the turn of the century. The white villas still bear witness to this era and embody the elegance of the Baltic seaside resort.

Exquisite restaurants, countless boutiques and the creative artist’s mile stylishly blend with the scenery of the spa architecture. The broad, fine sand beach is ideal for building sandcastles, extensive coastal walks and relaxed sunbathing in spite of the cool summery Baltic Sea air.

In addition to the blue lake and the fresh sea breeze, Binz also offers an extensive, year-long programme of events. Cult beach parties, action-packed sporting events and top-class cultural highlights enhance the Baltic seaside resort. Those who also prefer relaxing can take a walk in the countryside and explore the island of Rügen by land and sea. This unique mix is what goves Binz its special character: exclusive without seeming out of touch and traditional with a penchant for the modern.


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Rügen – the year-round holiday destination

The island of Rügen is the largest island in Germany. With almost 1,000 square kilometres, it is suitable as an all-year-round destination for holidays and leisure. Whether as a couple, with friends or acquaintances or of course with family – spending leisure time here is a lot of fun!

Binz is also the biggest seaside resort of the island, on the southeast bathing coast of Rügen. Right next door is the Granitz nature reserve. A woodland area with the Granitz hunting lodge on the so-called Tempelberg hill. This was once the hunting lodge of Putbus.

Other well-known sights around Binz are the district of Prora with its with its 4.5 km long “Colossus of Rügen” that was originally planned as a KdF (“Strength through Joy”) swimming pool. New in the region is the Rügen Natural Heritage Centre at the old forester’s lodge at Prora, with its 1,300 meter long treetop path.

Holidaying on the island of Rügen

Spring for all the senses

In spring you are in exactly the right place on the island of Rügen.

In April the island shows a fresh face. The flowers are in bloom, blustery breezes make the Baltic Sea roar splendidly and the Baltic seaside resort of Binz also awakens from its hibernation.

Everyone is delighted by the sight of the deep blue sea contrasting with the golden-yellow rapeseed fields. The spicy scent of bear’s garlic runs through the spacious park in Putbus. The island’s menus are now adorned with garlic-like wild herb in all its varieties.

To the delight of all fish lovers, the noble garfish dares to venture into our native waters. Gentle rays of sunlight paint the Baltic holidaymakers’ faces with soft dabs of colour.

Enjoy the power of nature on Rügen in the spring.

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Mostly sunny in the summer

In summer, Rügen is pure beach feeling: chilly beach parties on the Baltic coast, convivial harbour days and grandiose pier festivals.

Sun, wind and waves are plentiful on Rügen’s beaches: long, white, bustling or dreamy coastal stretches, nudist, clothed and dog walking areas, as well as fun, surfing and kitesurfing areas. There’s something for everyone on the Baltic Sea coast.

The Baltic seaside resorts of Binz, Sellin, Baabe and Göhren are best explored by narrow gauge railway – the Rushing Roland. A trip to the famous chalk cliffs is also not to be missed.

Rügen is particularly charming during its numerous events, such as the Störtebeker Festival at the Ralswiek open-air theatre. Rügen has everything for a perfect summer, and so much more.

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Tempestuous and stirring in the autumn

Before winter spreads over the island, Rügen becomes colourful once more:

Soak up the sun in a beach chair, or experience the colourful natural surroundings of the island on walking or biking tours and taste the fresh fruits of the North.

Autumn is the perfect time for a break.

The freshest breeze probably blows at Cape Arkona, in the north of the island on the Wittow peninsula, which is also known as windy country. When the autumn storms set the Baltic Sea swelling, the amber seekers are delighted and get to work.

Be amazed by guided mushroom walks and the natural spectacle of the crane season.

In autumn a colourful Baltic Sea holiday awaits you, where nature presents itself in her abundant beauty, with mild days and breezy winds.

Familiar and cosy in winter

A few days of Baltic Sea air also do you good in the cold season. Those who are looking for peace and quiet and enjoy being out in nature will particularly appreciate this time.

After a walk along the icy Baltic Sea coast and through the beech woods of Granitz, the best way to warm up is with the vitamin-rich sea buckthorn punch – a drink that the locals swear by in the cold weather. Wellness, sauna and relaxation rooms also contribute to an all round blissful stay.

Particularly recommendable are beauty treatments using chalk, a speciality of the island, which are especially soothing and beneficial for the body. Thus there is plenty to do, even in the supposedly quiet off-season.

Fresh fragrances and regional culinary delicacies await you at the many Advent and Christmas markets of the Baltic seaside resorts of Binz, Baabe, Göhren and Sellin. The fact is: Whoever takes a winter trip to Rügen comes away with plenty of stories to tell.

Our recommendations for your stay

Popular excursion destinations on Rügen are Bergen on Rügen, Garz, Putbus and Sassnitz. Of course, a boat trip along the Rügen chalk cliffs on the Jasmund peninsula is a must. The Jasmund National Park is the smallest of its kind in Germany and since 2011 it has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

On the Wittow peninsula is Cape Arkona, the most northerly cape of the island of Rügen. Plan a day trip to the diminutive sister island of Hiddensee. A trip to the Hanseatic city of Stralsund is also a must for your holiday programme.

Our reception staff will be happy to give you the right tips and hints for trips of all kinds for your stay.

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Rügen-App – the local guide for your pocket

The free Rügen app is also recommended for those who are hungry for adventure and new experiences:

The electronic travel guide for smartphones and tablets informs you about places of interest, monuments, excursions, shopping and weather data.

Interested in a walking holiday across the island of Rügen?

To organise your walking holiday on Rügen, check out the following link to our partner:

Apartments at Villa Mona Lisa in Binz

Our annexe, the apartment hotel Villa “Mona Lisa”, offers individualists
a total of 11 one- and two-bedroom apartments.



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